Omluxe Praise


Life changing experience is what comes to mind when I think about my trip to India with OMLUXE Retreat. India was on my bucket list and when I saw the opportunity on the omluxe website, I jumped on it! I was drawn to the giving back aspect and raising funds to empower women in a small village in India to start their own business. Well, I am so proud of our retreat group of international women who collectively raised over $12,000.00 US dollars which we used to purchase sewing machines and materials to empower these women to start their own business. We actually spend a day meeting with the women with a translator in their village and got to know then and relate to them. It was such a special experience that I will hold in my heart forever. What I also loved about the trip was the luxurious amenities at every hotel we stayed at. Our days were booked solid with fun, cultural and spiritual outings and experiences. Jen and Pam are an amazing team that brings the spiritual to the luxury! Thank you! Looking forward to my next omluxe retreat adventure!
- Tracey Hagan, Miami, Florida

The Omluxe retreat in India was very heartfelt as we spent time with the women we fundraised for. In their eyes we saw hope for the future for they will be self sufficient, independent and have a voice. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and that's what I love about Omluxe. Jen and Pam always give an experience of a life time. There's nothing like the gift of giving and making a difference in the world. Through yoga, meditation and transformation I always come back re charged and best of all gain life long friendships.
- Valerie Price, Phillipines

4 years ago I dared to dream and flew off to my first Omluxe retreat in Bali. Under the expert guidance of co-founders Jennifer Grace and Pamela Jones we practised daily yoga, directed our destiny and explored the magical delights of blissful Bali. During the retreat a whole new world opened up - one of wonder, promise and grace. Since that first retreat Omluxe has taken me to faraway lands I never, ever dreamed of visiting - Sedona, Arizona; Santorini Island, Greece; Bali, Indonesia, Siem Reap, Cambodia; and Machu Picchu, Peru. Courageous women shared their stories, tears and laughter in a loving ambiance of honesty and bravery. Omluxe has given me the tools to face each day of my life with clarity and focus. Omluxe is the most life changing, magical, exciting journey you will ever take.
- Martina Rakus, Monaco

My week with Omluxe in Santorini in June 2012 was a rare combination of breathtaking scenery, highest quality yoga and inspiring personal coaching. It was both a fantastic break away and a deep awareness development exercise that lead to significant positive changes in my life in the following years. All was wrapped in a cozy, luxurious but fun and relaxed atmosphere. Would do it again tomorrow!
- Mario Cesari, Switzerland

The retreat I took with Jennifer Grace and Pamela Jones was an amazing moment in my life. I was touched by their genuine desire to inspire and share with us their teachings. Jennifer makes even the most complex concepts accessible to our daily lives and Pamela is able to access our inner soul through her yoga and meditation classes. During the retreat I was also blessed to meet some amazing women that inspired me, some who became friends. I look forward to my next trip with them.
- Natalie Vassil- Paris

The outline of the Sacred Sedona retreat was perfect... as well as attending the delightful meditations, yoga and classes there was still enough time to explore other parts of the resort . Being in such breath-taking surroundings and receiving the encouragement of our group enabled me the confidence to make some incredible life changes whilst developing everlasting friendships. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever done for myself and the wonderful changes I am continually seeing in my life is validation that I made the right decision to attend. To my beautiful real life angels Jen and Pam, I truly thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a magical experience. Love and happiness.
- Tash Mc Carty, Brisbane, Australia

I've been to lots of retreats, and Sacred Sedona is the BEST I've ever attended! Jen and Pam craft the perfect experience: it's the ultimate combination of yoga, meditation and practical coursework based on Jen's book Directing Your Destiny - so it's rest and relaxation plus life-changing skills you can use in your daily life after you return home. And while your days are packed with these amazing classes, you still have time to visit the spa, take a nap or go on a hike in the beautiful Sedona mountains. I can't say enough positive things about Sacred Sedona and would do it again in a heartbeat!
- Tarah Evans, California

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an unforgettable, magical week in Santorini, Greece, it was a personal dream come true! I am honored to have participated in such a blissful & transformational retreat. I wish we could go back again and do it every year! Warmest.
- Anette Shine, founder of Sunshine Yoga Monte-Carlo, Monaco

I have so enjoyed the beautiful experiences that the OmLuxe team has made possible for me. Beyond the amazing destinations... Bali, Peru, Cambodia... the retreats were flawlessly coordinated, the accomodations lovely, the menus yummy and the yoga inspiring. much fun! I can't wait for my next trip!
- Cynthia Glick, Bologna, Italy

My first Omluxe retreat was in Sedona and it will not be my last ! The resort is truly 5 star but with Pam and Jen's wonderfully spiritual guidance and fabulous organisation I felt like 6 stars. Having never been on a group vacation, my hesitance was put at ease by being welcome to join in all activities or only those that suited me without being asked 'Why not?'. Exercise, eat, drink, laugh ,cry, sleep as much as you like without being judged - a true escape from my day to day life ! Thank you so much for welcoming me into the Sedona Sisterhood!
- Jennifer Jacotine, Monaco

My Omluxe retreat in Cambodia was a magical experience and it has given me memories that will last a lifetime. It has helped me to connect with my truest self and to find fulfillment and purpose in life. I am very grateful to Pam and Jen for helping me to grow spiritually. I look forward to the next retreat!
- Alicia Ferrero, London

I went on my first Omluxe retreat to Peru and I have to say I am hooked! The OMLuxe team creates the perfect balance of adventure, amazing yoga classes and inner working classes all combined in fantastic high end accommodations with delicious healthy food.The balance of this retreat was absolutely perfect. I felt inspired, relaxed, curious and excited to go on my next adventure with this fantastic group of like minded amazing people. I am currently planning my next trip now to India and can't wait. An OmLux retreat vacation every year is going to become part of my vacation planning. The passionate and professional coordination of these retreats with Jen and Pam are outstanding. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking for a top notch unique adventure both inward and outward.
- Liza Scullin, Greenwich, Connecticut

I was first introduced to OmLuxe in 2012 through a dear friend who had recently completed Creative Insight Journey with Jennifer. I was invited to Sacred Sedona and I must say, it was the most life changing four days I ever had. While I was no stranger to Sedona, I realized I was a stranger to the life I truly wanted to be living. OmLuxe provides a safe place, in a beautiful location, amongst wonderful individuals to explore your inner self. There are now two points in time in my life, before OmLuxe, and after.
- Samiksha Patel, San Diego, California

My Omluxe retreat in Peru was absolutely amazing. I was in a point in my life where I wanted change and the experience I had was just magical. I was surrounded with beautiful people, breathtaking scenery, uplifting yoga and delicious healthy meals. I enjoyed every moment of everyday and will have memories that I will forever cherish. Thank you Jen and Pam for this experience that I'm so grateful for. I now life with purpose and have clarity in my life. I can't wait to go on the next Omluxe Retreat to India!
- Valerie Price, California, USA

I have to congratulate Omluxe for the incredible work on the yoga retreat in Cambodia where the purpose was to raise funds and awareness against human trafficking in south east asia. I had the joy to work closely with Pamela and participate to the yoga retreat in Cambodia. The experience was amazing and I was incredibly impressed with the whole package. The organization of the yoga retreat itself was fantastic (accommodation, food, yoga classes) but I was even more impressed by the compassion and the empathy that Pamela and Jennifer show as well as the participants.

All the participants contributed not only to raise funds but to create awareness about this issue (human trafficking and sex slavery) in their own community, family and friends. What a better way to being an agent of change!
- Isabelle Katz, Paris

I am personally filled with gratitude for this wonderful gift, which has been a gift of not only vital financial support for our programs, but also emotional support, light, and positive energy. OmLuxe's fabulously successful CrowdRise campaign, which raised $21,644 for the Elephants.

Thank you so much, Jen and Pamela, for all that you have done to make this a success!!
- Kim McCoy, Executive Director, BIG LIFE FOUNDATION USA

I would echo Kim's sentiments in respect of how grateful and appreciative we are to OmLuxe and all involved for the tremendous fundraising efforts. These funds will be invaluable to both DSWT and Big Life in furthering our projects, which aim to protect elephants and other species, and to support community initiatives that benefit ecosystems and all within them and reliant upon them. Thank you so much. Best wishes.
- Rob Branford, Executive Director, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust