OmLuxe - Divine Destinations for the Conscious Connoisseur is a Sacred Travel company that was founded by Pamela Jones with the intention of cultivating Self Realization through Intentional Luxury travel with Purpose.

Each trip is designed specifically to invoke personal awakening, clarity of purpose and vision, foster individual creativity, and cultivate connection to source through yoga, meditation, and the Transformational Workshop she leads called Dream Visioning + The Art of Living Well. She believes you are here to create a life that is an expression of your Soul. To create an Epic Life is an Art. The Art of Balance, Self-Care, Connection, Service to others, Adventure, Creativity, Spirituality, Friendship & Love, these are some of the elements that make for a truly meaningful Life.

All Retreats are done amidst some of the most beautiful and Sacred destinations in the world. "Now, more than ever, renewal and rejuvenation are critical for discerning travelers who want more from a vacation than a simple excursion abroad," said Pamela Jones. "OmLuxe combines Adventures to some of the world's most Beautiful and Sacred places with the opportunity to give back and make a difference in the World.

"The goal of OmLuxe is to transform both the traveler and their experience and empower participants to manifest their dreams with effortless ease and grace. Our journeys are just that - personal, spiritual travels - which begin with a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience and end with an awakening, and the power to change lives."

Pamela Jones

Pamela is a self-professed yogaholic with a severe case of Wanderlust She is a global citizen, lover of life and a fierce devotee of soul. She is committed to living her Life's purpose and helping other's to live their's.

She is a certified Yoga Instructor, advocate for social change and serious aficionado of luxury travel, art & fashion.

She is also an award-winning International photographer that creates images that captivate, intrigue & inspire.

She donates her photography skills to Operation Smile missions in Southeast Asia and NGO's in South Africa working with HIV + Woman and Children where she also started a yoga program. She also works with Matt Damon's Water.org shooting documentary work of their work in India.

Her on-going body of work is titled "Wanderlust" and is collection of photos from over 30-countries on 6-continents around the world. Her passionate interest in People, world cultures and travel are guiding forces in her work.

Pamela is a passionate member of 1% for the planet, an organization that donates 1% of their income to environmental organizations worldwide.

"Unless you leave room for serendipity, how can the divine enter in?
The beginning of the adventure of finding yourself... is to lose your way."

- Joseph Campbell